Board Governance

Board Governance

The foundation of any business or organization is establishing a framework of rules and practices that allows them to achieve accountability, fairness, and transparency in their relationship with their stakeholders (funding sources, customers, management, employees, and the community).

Using a customized approach, we help clients establish the structure they need to run a successful business.


This framework involves

  • Distributing responsibilities, rights, and rewards
  • Defining procedures for accommodating stakeholder interests and their duties, privileges, and roles
  • Establishing a system of checks-and-balances that includes supervision, control, and information-flow

How can Board Governance training help

  • Evolve working processes, practices, policies, and competencies
  • Identify and develop plans to improve organizational roles and responsibilities
  • Help the board directors become strategic partners with their executive management
  • Develop organizational assets to the highest level of organizational competency