Team Building

Whether it is a long-standing stable business or one that is in the process of growing, an effective team is essential to the business structure. We have all heard the phrase "there is no "I" in team". Has this phrase become nothing but an old cliché in your business? Does your team need a jump-start to affect positive change in your work environment?

As a team leader, you will want to incorporate the five elements of team effectiveness:

  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Role definition
  • Communication
  • Team flexibility

Team Building

This training is structured to provide your staff with the skills required to work proficiently as a collaborative unit toward a common goal. This training focuses on team building and how teamwork can affect positive growth.

As a team leader, it is crucial to understand the personality structure that makes up an organization. An organization is like a "stew" of personalities; the ingredients for a fine stew are there. Your role as a team leader is to blend them together, in a fashion that allows each ingredient to enhance the entire pot. Through our experience with teams, we have found that personality plays a key role in team member relationships. It plays a critical role in disagreement, friction, conflict, and ultimately, performance.