Assessments and Feasibility Studies


An Assessment and Feasibility Study is a preliminary study to evaluate the benefits and possible negative impacts of a potential project. The purpose is to consider carefully all factors required in project implementation - time, resources, money, and materials.

Our team of experts will assess the project to determine its overall feasibility:

  • Operational: will it work?
  • Economical: what are the costs and benefits?
  • Technical: can it be built?

These studies will also evaluate the alternatives and define decision-making guidelines by identifying direction and forecasting the project's development and long-term potential. The information discovered during the feasibility study will support the planning process during implementation.

Having a "common view" is important to us. Whether separated by geographical distance or time constraints, with our web conferencing capabilities, we can conduct live meetings, training sessions, and presentations with you while you sit at your own computer.