Focus Groups

A focus group is a powerful tool used to evaluate services or test new ideas. This "group interview" presents the opportunity to gather a great deal of information via a focused group discussion with people who have common characteristics that relate to the topic.

Our team of consultants will create a comfortable, stress-free environment to facilitate an open dialogue and encourage different impressions and points of view - the group discussion will be used to identify trends and patterns in perceptions.

By systematically analyzing these discussions, we will gain insight to how a product, service, or opportunity is perceived by the group.

We will then have the ability to forecast this data to a larger population to:

Focus Groups
  • Understand how groups of people think or feel about a particular topic
  • Gain insight into why certain opinions or perceptions are held
  • Improve the planning and design of new programs
  • Evaluate existing programs Develop new strategies for outreach