Survey and Research Methodology

Survey and Research Methodology is setting up the mathematical methodology for quantitative research. In plain English, that's evaluating the overall process of gathering, compilation, and evaluating of data, so it can be easily digested.

Nonprofit organizations need to collect data so they know their programs are effective. There are many means of gathering that data, including community assessments and business policy surveys. This can be done in person, by mail, or over the phone.

Regardless of the chosen format, most organizations are simply unprepared to develop the methodology necessary for a survey that gathers the information and gleans the data they require.

That's where DLN provides support

Survey Research

We will sit down with you, learn what your goals are, and help determine which questions will be most accurate, which data-gathering process will be most efficient, and which reporting methodology will prove easiest for the intended audience to comprehend.

Because we have developed and conducted many surveys over the years, survey and research methodology evaluated by DLN Consulting will always prove more efficient and effective than surveys composed internally by a nonprofit organization.