Business Plan and Roadmapping

Business Plan and Roadmapping

A business plan is a decision-making tool. There is no fixed template for our business plans; instead, we structure the content and format according to the needs of the organization and their audience.

Our business plan development includes:

  • Analysis of current business portfolio
  • Evaluation of current business environment
  • Develop growth strategies for expansion or downsizing
  • Direct resources to more profitable areas and weaker ones are phased down or dropped
  • Creating a competitive advantage

Organizational Roadmapping

Growth through innovation requires more than a vision. It requires identification and exploration of internal and external opportunities that provide exponential growth. We work with key stakeholders to formulate strategies that will strengthen operational stability and competency.

Organizational Roadmapping identifies motivations and conditions that exist in an organization's environment. This allows organizations to assess resources and formulate a strategy for success without committing significant resources and effort.