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Good projects are data driven projects.

Data is needed to validate the need for a project. It should be gathered throughout the project to evaluate the project's effectiveness and continued need. Most grantors now require an evaluation process to be included in the grant application. Evaluation is a way of measuring whether a project is accomplishing its intended goals. It is also a means to understand why it was successful or why it was not successful. Through this process, you are able to develop and improve upon your project. In 2015, the Western Wellness Foundation contracted with DLN Consulting, Inc. to conduct program evaluations. DLN Consulting, Inc. in collaboration with Western Wellness Foundation developed a series of evaluation tools to measure the effectiveness of the Best Friends Mentoring Program activities.

Best Friends Mentoring Program [PDF]

WYDOT Statewide Seatbelt Survey 2015

The purpose of Wyoming's studies of seat belt use is to provide statistically reliable data from which generalizations, comparative analyses, and recommendations can be developed. The survey provides the Wyoming Department of Transportation Highway Safety Program with a system that monitors the usage rate and permits the determination of seat belt usage rates within the state. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) funded the study through the WYDOT's Highway Safety Program (HSP). DLN Consulting, Inc. was responsible for conducting the survey, data entry, quality assurance, compilation of the data, data analysis, developing charts and tables, and writing the report for the 2015 survey of seat belt use in Wyoming.

Wyoming Department of Transportation [PDF]

Implications for Traffic Safety

The purpose of the Marketing Appeals and Techniques report is to provide highway safety offices in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Region 8 with information about the various types of marketing techniques, and wherever possible, explain how the different techniques appeal to the general public.

Marketing Appeals & Techniques [PDF]

Youth and Underage Alcohol Consumption

The purpose of Risky Business: Youth and Underage Alcohol Consumption was to provide backed information for the exploration of underage drinking involving college students, law enforcement, parents, teachers, and teenagers in Southwest North Dakota. The study organized representative groups in their respective categories to discuss their perception of underage drinking.

Risky Business [PDF]

The purpose of the WSI Rehab Services report is to provide North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance (WSI) information on the effectiveness of its rehabilitation services.

DLN Consulting, Inc. conducted interviews with claimants to gather information on: general satisfaction with vocational rehabilitation services, job search assistance, current status of employment for those having gone through vocational rehabilitation, and the retraining experience of those who were eligible for retraining services.

WSI Rehab Services Report [PDF]

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Region 8 identified a need to assist grassroots organizations with the development of strategies for building capacity and planning for long-term sustainability and success.

DLN Consulting gathered information to create a kit that would answer questions related to finding resources to sustain and support programs and their services over time.

Traffic Safety Program: Sustainability Kit [PDF]