Strategic Planning is the single most essential thing that an organization—nonprofit or for-profit—can do to increase success.

Strategic planning is developing a road map for the future.

We specialize in, and are passionate about creating effective Strategic Plans for our clients. We know, first-hand, how important and beneficial a well-thought-out strategy can be for any organization. We have helped scores of organizations in developing their strategies, and we understand the unique requirements that a nonprofit entity has in meeting the goals of its volunteers and staff.

Working closely with clients in the development of these organizational blueprints, the strategic process is not only productive, it is also gratifying and even fun.

Strategic plans are living documents that an organization should refer to on a daily basis. In so doing, an organization's chance at long-term success is increased exponentially.

A business plan is a decision-making tool.

There is no fixed template for our business plans; instead, we structure the content and format according to the needs of the organization and their audience.

Our business plan development includes:

  • Analysis of current business portfolio
  • Evaluation of current business environment
  • Develop growth strategies for expansion or downsizing
  • Direct resources to more profitable areas and weaker ones are phased down or dropped
  • Creating a competitive advantage

Organizational Roadmapping

Growth through innovation requires more than a vision. It requires identification and exploration of internal and external opportunities that provide exponential growth. We work with key stakeholders to formulate strategies that will strengthen operational stability and competency.

Organizational Roadmapping identifies motivations and conditions that exist in an organization's environment. This allows organizations to assess resources and formulate a strategy for success without committing significant resources and effort.

A marketing plan is often an essential part of an overall business plan.

It analyzes the current market, details the actions required to achieve an organization's marketing objectives, and is based upon a well-defined marketing strategy.

A successful marketing strategy provides:

  • A guiding philosophy
  • The marketing concept
  • Direction for strategic planners
  • Opportunities

Market Analysis

Before beginning a new business or launching a new product, conducting a marketing analysis is essential - it can determine the success of your endeavor by assessing if there is a need or audience for the service or product you hoped to provide.

A market analysis can also be used to advise an already-established organization's planning activities and for forecasting future market trends.

This data is used to:

  • Assess existing markets and products
  • Identify new markets
  • Decide if diversification is right for you