To be successful, a grant needs to be written by someone who knows the organization well, and thoroughly understands the organization's mission, goals, and those who it serves.

When we work with an organization to develop their strategic plan, for example, we research and learn about what makes that organization "tick." With this knowledge, DLN has the information necessary to write a successful grant or funding proposal.

The average funding success rate for a competitive grant is approximately 20%. Grants evaluated by DLN Consulting, on the other hand, have a running success rate of between 40-50%. Our unique grant evaluation techniques simply work, and work well.

Sure, anyone can write a grant, but not everyone can write a grant that will actually receive funding!

The Grantsmanship Training DLN provides is based on over 20 years of grant writing experience, which has resulted in over fifteen million dollars ($15,000,000) for the recipient organizations.

Our Grantsmanship Training is custom-tailored to fit your organization's needs. Typically, six to eight hours in length, we can adjust the training session's duration and agenda based on the experience and goals of the attendees. Because we personalize our services to fit your organization's needs, no two grantsmanship training sessions are exactly alike.

Grantsmanship Training attendees receive a DLN-exclusive booklet/binder outlining our key grant writing tips, a directory of helpful resources, and a question-and-answer period, where we offer on-the-spot assistance for basic grant writing issues. We are also available for advanced or in-depth grant writing assistance after the training.

Grant Evaluation is a service DLN provides for organizations that are writing grants or funding proposals for themselves.

Individuals who write their own grants often do so with a passion that comes from their background within their organization. This same passion that proves a motivator for them within the organization often becomes a detriment when writing a grant.

DLN provides an objective set of eyes to review your grant or funding proposal, based on its technical merits. We check the formatting, writing, content, and judge the overall potential for funding. Our extensive experience in writing grants has taught us what funders are looking for in a proposal, and our recommendations often make the difference between a proposal that gets funded, and one that gets tossed aside.