Coalition Training is a combination of lecture, group work sessions, and team building exercises.

When completed, the coalition should be ready to develop a strategic plan for the expected longevity of the organization.

Coalitions promote coordination and collaboration, and can eliminate the needless competition and redundancy in multiple community services that are aimed at solving single, or multiple, community problems. They provide a solution for communities where individual groups can no longer afford to work in isolation because resources are too few and programs are too diffuse. Community coalitions provide a sensible strategy at a time when people need consistent and persistent messages from all sectors of the community.

Coalition Training is developed around the following steps:

  1. Define the problem and its impact on the community
  2. Identify key stakeholders
  3. Share perspectives and anticipate resources
  4. Create a vision for the community - discuss the current reality and the ideal
  5. Determine the next steps
    • What are you promising if you join?
    • Getting started with a plan Maintaining vitality

Typical Training Topics

  • What is a Coalition?
  • Advantage of Coalitions
  • Why do Coalition Building?
  • Anticipate Resources
  • Identify Key Stakeholders
  • Warning Signs
  • Evaluate
  • Share Perspectives
  • Create a Vision
  • What Are The Next Steps?
  • Member Commitments
  • Getting Started
  • Keep It Going
  • Maintain Vitality